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  • (Must not be a person associated with the Trust/Must be over 18 years of age)

  • (If Company Name, please provide A.C.N.)

  • In our Standard deed beneficiaries are divided into three categories being classified as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Primary and secondary beneficiaries are designated as specific persons at the time of creation of the trust and the tertiary are “dragnet” beneficiaries who are designated by a relationship genus or description to the Primary and secondary beneficiaries.

    Both of our nominated beneficiary classes are capable of receiving income and capital both during the course of the trust however they will only receive capital on a winding up successively in the order of class stipulated. i.e primary first and successively when the primary are exhausted.

    There are no default beneficiaries as to Capital. This is upon the basis that the Trustee would have to exercise their discretion as part of the winding up process and final distribution and thus “default” beneficiaries are not considered necessary.

    There are no default beneficiaries as to income. If discretion is not exercised the trustee merely accumulates.This obviously has a tax consequence.

    The tertiary beneficiaries are :
    The spouse (for the time being and from time to time), the grand-parents, natural parents, brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren of the persons named as primary and/or secondary beneficiaries and (without limiting the generality of the foregoing to include a person lawfully adopted by any such person);

    Any company, corporation, society, club or association whether incorporated or not or which either of the primary or secondary beneficiaries hereof is or are a director, shareholder or member howsoever from time to time; and

    The Trustee of any Trust of which any of the abovementioned primary or secondary or tertiary beneficiaries are beneficiaries or the objects of such Trustees power of appointment under the terms of the instrument constituting such Trust.

    Any Deductible Gift Recipients as defined in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

    Any entity whose ordinary and/or statutory income is exempt pursuant to Div 50 of the income tax assessment act 1997

  • (Usually from the FIFTH SCHEDULE You must choose at least 1 Appointor)

  • PRICE: $330.00 (Including GST) TERMS: Nett 7 Days
    1. Settlor must be over 18 years old
    2. Settlor is recommended to be someone who is un-related to the Trustee/s or Beneficiaries in the Trust
    3. Trustee (if trustee is an Individual), must be over 18 years old
    BANK: Bank of Queensland
    BRANCH: 229 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane 4000
    BSB: 124001
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 10 341 706
    ACCOUNT NAME: Rapid Companies
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