Name Availability


When registering a company, you can now choose your own company name and still have it registered within 1 hour. It is important to choose a company name you like as the only way to change it after incorporation is by lodging a Notice of Resolution with ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission). There are many reasons that ASIC will not allow a particular name to be registered. It is also important that the name is checked against the correct register. The easiest way to check the availability of a company name is to contact Rapid Companies. Our experts are ready to check name availability for you anytime.

For clients who wish to register a company name that is not of importance, we do provide a list of “available company names”, please click here. These names are not registered shelf companies, but simply generic names that have already been checked against the ASIC register for availability.
Regardless of whether you choose your own company or one of our generic names, you will still receive your Certificate of Registration within 1 hour of faxing your order to us.

For clients wishing to register a company where you own a currently registered business name, please see further details below.


Search ASIC Registers

To check if a company name is available, please call us on (07) 3229 8311 or search the Australian Securities & Investments Commission web-site above.


Rapid Companies do not register Domain Names, however, it is simple to check Domain Name availability and register your Domain Name on-line.

Visit the above Domain Registration Web-Site to find out more.


A new national business names registration system commenced on 28 May 2012.

Previously, business names were registered in the state or territory where the business is located and each state and territory kept its own register. The national register of business names will replace these existing state and territory registers.

To register a Company that is currently registered as a business name:

  • The proposed members (shareholders) of the proposed company must be the current proprietors of the currently registered Business Name
  • If the proprietors are not the same as the members of the proposed company, the business name must be ceased through the new ASIC Business Names Register, please follow the link below:
    To Update Your Business Name
  • If you have no association whatsoever with the business name, you will have to choose an alternative company name
  • If your business name was registered prior to 28 May 2012, you will need to supply us with the existing State BN Number
  • If your business name was registered post 28 May 2012 you will need to supply us with its current ABN